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We all know that summer is the time of year that you want to catch up on your rest and play a little bit too, but it is also the perfect time to work on an internship. Internships can be a great way to spend your summer helping you learn new skills, get your hours needed and make career connections toward your professional life.

Here are a few ways to set goals for your college internship:


Since each internship is different, you will be able to see how other companies do their operations. You can find something as simple as learning more about Microsoft or Mac devices. It is important to know that you may not be working exactly in the field you want at this time, but you are gaining valuable training in the business world


During internship, you will be surrounded by supervisors, colleagues, and even fellow interns that can serve as great future writers of letters of recommendationor can even help guide you to other internships or jobs in the future. Still, others may even become great friends. Connect to those around you by making a good impression: be polite, courteous, and compassionate.


Any business, group, or agency benefits from good organization. Plus, keeping your work neat and tidy leaves a good impression on those working around you. But it can be challenging to stay organized as a new intern: Not only are you performing certain tasks you may be unfamiliar with, but you’re also working in a new place. This can throw off your ability to stay on-task and keep things orderly.

You can avoid falling prey to disorganization by taking some preventative measures that will help keep your organizational skills on point. As you complete your internship, make sure to maintain a good organization system, such as using a calendar and daily checklist. You never know how much this may improve your progress in reaching your other goals, and you never know who you may impress!


Some ideas are from USA Today

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