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Summer break doesn’t have to mean a break from all the fun


Your time in college — during the academic year, that is — is, of course, filled with stressors like classes, papers, lab reports, and exams. It is also happily filled with the fun stuff, like friends, parties, going out, and a seemingly endless schedule of upcoming events and activities. During the summer, however, the social scene in your life can drastically decrease, especially if you’re no longer on campus and spend your days at a job or internship.


Get Some Culture

  • Go to a museum. Go see some art, plants, science, history, or anything else you find interesting. And make sure to use your student ID for a discount.
  • Go to a film festival. Film festivals can be a great way to see new, independent films that you might not otherwise see, and summer is a great time to find a festival that focuses on the kinds of films you like.
  • Go to a concert. Who doesn’t like a late-night, all-out, super-fun, big-name concert?
  • Go to a music festival. The weather’s nice, the music’s great, and the people are fun and interesting. Take advantage of summer music festivals while you can.
  • Go to a play. It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare but it should be fun. When’s the last night you went to the theater — not for a class — anyway?

Get Creative

  • Learn an instrument. You may have always had a desire to play the piano, learn the flute, or even play the drums. Why not learn now when you have the time and freedom to really put your heart into it?
  • Take an art class. Learning to make pottery or how to paint, for example, can be a great way to learn how to release your creative side.
  • Try your hand at creative writing. You can try to write poems, a short story, or even music. You never know what you might come up with when you have the time and freedom to really let your mind explore!
  • Take a photography class. Honing your photo-taking skills can be a great way to have fun, meet people, get some skills, and see new parts of your town.

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