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For obvious reasons, the words “fall break” just don’t have that same exciting ring to them as the words “spring break” do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan an enjoyable activity during your time off from college classes!

When a trip to the nearest beach town is inconvenient and the cool weather doesn’t allow for pool time, plan some unconventional activities.

1. Take Advantage of the Fall Weather.

It doesn’t have to be bright and sunny for you and your friends to have fun outside. Instead of planning a trip to the coast, you can plan a trip to some nearby mountains or woods. Renting a cabin for a few days is fun and affordable, especially when you split the cost among a few friends.

Whether you rent a cabin or not, you can always use the fall season to your advantage. It’s the perfect time for picking apples, pumpkins and any other fruits or vegetables.

If there is a lake or river within driving distance, fall break is a beautiful time to go rowing since multicolored leaves should be lazily falling into the water and floating alongside your canoe. Be sure to bring your camera!

2. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane.

Fall break is a good time to remember all the fun things you used to do during childhood. Why not revisit them with your college friends? These activities do not require travel, nor should they cost much. Plus, if you want to maintain a good relationship with your parents while taking them down memory lane, you can send them pictures of your fall break adventures.

Bowling is one sport that can provide good, clean fun indoors, so it is perfect for when the weather makes it too chilly to be outside. If you want to spice up your fall break, find out if any bowling alleys near you have cosmic bowling, which involves dance music and lights that make everything glow in the dark.

You can also go skating at a roller rink, or even ice skating. No matter which one you choose, you will stay active during fall break instead of lazing around so much that you forget what day of the week it is.

3. Do Some Fall Cleaning.

Since you finally have a little bit of time to slow down, now’s the perfect time to reevaluate both your school and personal life. Why wait till spring?

The semester may only be a couple of months in, but chances are a stack of papers a mile high has already started to accumulate on  your desk. Play some good music and go through these papers. Decide what you should file away and what you should throw away.

As for your personal life, think about the goals you  made for yourself early on in the semester. For many schools, fall break is a halfway point between the beginning and end of the first semester. Are you on track to accomplish what you’d hoped you would? If not, there’s still time to turn it around.

4. Do Some Good.

If you simply do not have the funds to go somewhere for fall break, you can still get something done. In fact, this is the perfect time to help others. Whether you need community service hours for a club or scholarship, or are just in a generous mood, check out volunteer opportunities near your college. As the holidays approach, there are surely some food banks and gift drives you can be part of.

5. Get Ahead.

You can also just strive to get ahead on your homework during fall break. Many college professors assign projects and papers over the break since they know students will have some free time. Think of how much you will decrease your stress levels if you get work done on fall break instead of waiting until the week you return to classes.

Of course, if you lack sufficient homework over fall break but you have a job in college, you can always pick up extra hours so you can start saving for the holidays or even your spring break vacation. Your interesting college fall break opportunities are endless!


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