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With all of the college planning options available to students today, why should you choose Aspire College Planning?

Experience and Proven Success:

Dr. Dreiling has been assisting students with the college planning process since 2002.  In this time she has helped over a thousand students achieve their higher education aspirations, from National Merit Scholars, to those whose path to college is a bit less traditional.  In addition to helping students find their “perfect fit” college at prestigious institutions such as Harvard and the University of Texas, Dr. Dreiling has also coached younger students in their admissions to some of New York’s most elite schools such as Hunter College High School.  Dr. Dreiling is also a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling and subscribes to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice.

Personalized and Focused Planning:

The mission here at Aspire College Planning is to provide students with the tools and resources they need to transition between high school and college with confidence.  As a former high school teacher, college instructor, and now graduate instructor, Dr. Dreiling understands the process and strategy of college planning.  As a parent, Dr. Dreiling understands the human side of college planning as well.  Aspire is not a tutoring franchise, nor do we host group seminar sessions.  Our college planning sessions are one-to-one (parents are always welcome, of course), and individualized to each student’s needs.  We also pride ourselves on ethical and straightforward business practices. Although Dr. Dreiling cannot guarantee acceptance or financial aid awards, she does strive to ensure client satisfaction.

College Planner Pro:

One of the most beneficial tools that sets Aspire apart from other college planning services is College Planner Pro, a platform that allows students and Dr. Dreiling to organize all aspects of the college planning process.  Through College Planner Pro, students can conduct college and financial aid research, create to-do lists and calendars, upload essays and other documents for review, and communicate with Dr. Dreiling via messaging.  With College Planner Pro we can create custom college comparison reports that provide a wealth of information such as college costs, selectivity, enrollment data, deadlines, financial aid data, and graduation rates.  Based on this information it is possible to assess a college’s “fit” for the student as well as the student’s probability of acceptance for each college, which ultimately drives the student’s strategic plan.

Assistance Beyond Admission:

Although many college planning companies limit their services to the admissions process, Dr. Dreiling understands that many students continue to need support beyond admission.  Freshman year is a critical time for students transitioning into college, and despite the efforts of campus-based college and major advisors, students often struggle to get a handle on course catalogues, registration, and the demands of increased academic rigor.  Because Dr. Dreiling has such in-depth knowledge of the higher education system, she continues to work with students throughout their time in college to ensure that students stay on the right track and meet their graduation goals.  Dr. Dreiling also assists students with graduate applications, study abroad, transfers, and gap years.

Dr. Dreiling is passionate about helping students realize their college aspirations.  In today’s highly competitive higher education market, many students and families feel overwhelmed by the college application process, not to mention the issue of financing the degree. With high school counselor-to-student ratios typically ranging from 300-500 students per counselor, often times students lack the personalized support and guidance they need to be as successful as possible.  An investment as profound and life-defining as a college education requires utilizing the best and most effective resources available. With Aspire, you can be sure that Dr. Dreiling will focus on your student’s individual needs.

Located in Flower Mound, Texas, Aspire Educational Consulting also proudly serves the surrounding communities of Double Oak, Highland Village, Lantana, Southlake, Coppell, Grapevine, Corinth, Lake Dallas, Lewisville, and beyond.  Skype consulting is also available.  Call or email today to schedule a no-cost phone consultation to see how Aspire can help you and your student attain your college goals.